Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Eine Bildergeschichte in 13 Bildern

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From: Mabelknit
Are your ears burning? You've been magic linked in Sock Knitters Anonymous.
Sent at 3:57 PM March 3, 2013
Mabelknit has linked to your profile from a forum post inSOCKDOWN JANUARY!! on the Sock Knitters Anonymous board.

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Prize Time!!! Here are the winners of tangible prizes from the January Sockdown:
hollyisaac wins a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn, with coordinating earrings, by Two Grey Dogs Designs, graciously donated by mystica103
MBeata wins a skein of sock yarn hand-dyed by Younger Yarn, graciously donated by pacasha
Loisbemis wins 2 skeins of sock yarn hand-dyed by Rhichard Devrieze, graciously donated by LeaveittoWeaver
Stampchic wins a skein of Sock! Merino hand-dyed by Lisa Souza, graciously donated by lisasouza
Pleximo wins a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn and a set of 4 stone stitch markers from Wullenstudio, graciously donated by SheilaR
Drutach wins a della Q Priscilla bag, graciously donated by outdoorgirl
Scienceknitster wins the HiyaHiya Prize, graciously donated by knittingzone
ali-g wins a skein of sock yarn hand-dyed by Play at Life Fiber Arts, graciously donated by playinglife
Ospekos wins a small project bag by Blue Tulips, graciously donated by BlueTulips
Wooltales wins a skein of sock yarn hand-dyed by String Theory Yarn, graciously donated by StringTheoryYarn
Mamofsteel wins 2 pdf patterns for socks designed by Melissa Lemmons, graciously donated by knitterleigh
tmm14 wins a skein of sock yarn hand-dyed by the Copper Corgi, graciously donated by TheCopperCorgi
RoxyKnits wins a skein of yarn hand-dyed by Evermore Studios, graciously donated by lorimc1
Lanouchette wins a skein of sock yarn hand-dyed by Fibres d’Art, graciously donated by pelotesbonheur
Congratulations to our winners! Lavish thanks to the donors who make it possible for there to be prizes!
Winners, please message your prize donor(s) to coordinate exactly what your prize will be and where the generous donor(s) will be delivering it to you.
All the rest of us are curious to see your pretty prizes! When your prize arrives, consider sharing a glimpse of it with us.

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SKA January
Sent at 11:51 AM March 4, 2013
I can’t believe it, but I have actually won something. Wow! Thank you so much for donating this prize, I am so thrilled.
According to the post it’s a bag, please tell me something about it. Also, would you need something towards the postage? I just asking because I am from Europe. 
Thank you so much,

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From: outdoorgirl
March 6, 2013
8:47 PM
re: SKA January
Sent at 1:10 AM March 6, 2013
Margareta -
Congratulations! You have won a Priscilla Bag. Let me know your color preference and your shipping address. No need to worry about the postage. I am currently out of stock of Purple and Ocean, but will be receiving additional stock in about 10 days if you would like one of those colors.
Feel free to contact us directly at
Kind regards -
della Q

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  1. Woooow, das ist DIE Geschichte von dem blinden Huhn, wenn ich das mal so sagen darf ;-)) Herzlichen Glückwunsch, es ist ein supersüßes Täschchen und das passende Projekt dazu gibt es auch schon, alle Achtung! Und jetzt Schleichwerbung (pfui Spinne!!!): vergiss nicht, in meine Lostonne zu hüpfen, vielleicht passiert Dir ja dann gleich noch einmal so eine Überraschung ;-))))
    Liebe Grüße